Why would one date an Asian girl online?

Asian girls are sexy, playful, youthful at any age, and they adore meeting new people online. All that makes them highly available for foreign men so the interest is really mutual.
Why are dating apps widely used by women from any Asian country, of any social status and economical situation? Funny enough, particularly because Chinese smart phones are so cheap.
But it’s also because of Asian girls’ mentality which is a bit childish. Progressive gadgets have always been their favourite toys, and they used to be leaders of selfies or online games.
When you see some new meme, tendency, or flashmob on the Internet, it is often created by Asians. They literally spend their life in virtual reality, but in a cute and fun way.
Luckily, all of them perceive online dating seriously enough, even the youngest ones. By the way, did you know that even teenagers in Asia are legally allowed to date and have sex?
Wow, that explains a lot. It makes Asian countries double more attractive for men who prefer younger partners, and shows how women of all ages remain kiddies in their hearts.
They really have that very special mix of sweet innocence and passionate wilderness in them. Although they are never straightforward or vulgar in expressing it, like some western women.
Now it's clear about Asian girls' sexiness and enthusiasm on meeting new men, but are they willing to turn serious and relocate? Let’s see their reasons for that below.

Best Asian hookup girls

Although it isn’t obvious in the plain sight, Asian women are adventurous and brave. They are calm, and take at least a half of their decisions secretly so it’s hard to tell but they really rock.
If a woman says she will meet you, it’s true, and you can count on that. It’s so opposite to the attitude of some Eastern European or western girls who promise to come but they never do.
Asian females aren’t addicted to their culture and territory like they were in the past. Among all Asian women, only those don’t want to relocate who live in a tropical paradise.
But even there are exceptions since Filipina women, for example, live a tough life among their palm trees and white-sand beaches. It’s very hard for them to survive and manage things.
Vietnamese women aren’t very happy in their homeland either, so westerners often bring wives from there. But, if you’re after hookups only, it’s also highly possible in sunny Asian countries.
Thailand and Singapore are among them. One just needs to remember that Singaporean women are refined and self-efficient so they require a full-fledged courtship, even for casual sex.
While Thai girls got used to multiple adventures with strangers, so the process of conquering them is simplified. But the majority of them are totally available for real affairs.

Top Asian dating apps

Just to state a fact, Asian girls aren’t very demanding towards dating apps. They seem to be equally comfortable both on very trendy platforms and on free dating apps with zero design.
Yet, they value the effectiveness of the app and always investigate responses from other users. High-rated apps are valued by Asian women even if these platforms are rather new.

No. 3. AsianDating

This app with a speaking title is very popular. The database is huge indeed. However, there are some flaws as well. Firstly, women’s profile photos look severely edited.
Secondly, some users claim they are charged without an approval, messages are lost, and not all girls are real. Sounds a bit discouraging, so one needs to be cautious while using it.

No. 2. Tinder

Who can avoid Tinder? Right, it’s unavoidable. Asian girls like to hang out there, flirt online, set up real dates when possible. Of course, they realize this application is kind of shallow.
Tinder is mostly used by students and young girls workers, since older Asian women do not like to hookup without perspectives. That’s why Tinder is only partially popular in Asia.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app is an absolute favourite in Asia. It is meant for all races and nationalities, but it has been created with the concept of Asian dating and still keeps an Asian woman’s portrait on its layout.
Brilic app has an informative dating blog, and is mostly used by successful men who can afford the membership fee. Asian women perceive that as a guarantee of men’s reliability.
Lots of hookups and serious relationships in Asia start from Brilic, and dozens of success stories confirm that. It is used as a travel dating app as well, and is reportedly great in that.

How not to lose your Asian lover

Lots of men sincerely appreciate Asian women they meet, and want these affairs to last longer. There are a few helpful tips for them that will make a positive difference.
Again, although Asian girls are considered submissive, they in fact respect themselves and their traditions so they do not accept rudeness, impoliteness, being cocky and so on.
A western man can surely seem rude simply due to the stress, but he must remember that Asian people perfectly control themselves when needed, and expect the same back.
Second important point is respecting their family members, especially older ones. If western and Eastern European women expect a man to show his kindness to kids, Asians care more about oldies.
So make sure you ask about their health, greet them nicely, bring them souvenirs, and ask their permission to do this or that when you are in their house. Your gf will appreciate that a lot.